COVID updates

Dear Patient,

We at Retina Eye Care have been providing safe and effective care to patients with urgent needs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are 100% prepared to see you.  Please call us as soon as possible at 508-903-0003 so that we can plan for the best time for your appointment.  

We have noticed that patients are coming in for retinal problems that have been put off for too long. The vision may not come back as well if things have been put off for too long.

ALERT: If you have any new visual symptoms, such as blurred vision in one eye, floaters, flashes, wavy lines, or blurred areas in your vision, call us immediately.

We believe that precaution is the key to safety.  Therefore if you feel unwell in any way, even if just a little, we ask you to stay home and contact your doctor.  

We have implemented strict patient/staff screening and office disinfection protocols.  All patients are required to wear a mask and stay >6 feet apart.  Only the patient can come in, except for minors and those with disability.  If requested, we can call the driver to come back for the patient when the appointment is over.   Please arrive on time, but we cannot let you in early, since we need to maintain 100% safety at all times. If you are waiting outside our office, please maintain social-distancing and wear a mask at all times.

Once you are inside our office, you will find the same Dr. Tang and all our friendly staff members whom you have seen before, all ready with one goal, to take care of you 🙂 

Very Sincerely,