Lifesaver. | from Vitals | March 21, 2020

“Dr. Tang literally saved my life. I was referred to him following floaters and a flashing light occurring in my left eye following cataract surgery. Dr. Tang said that the floaters in my left eye would resolve themselves and there was no retinal tear. He then asked if I had a heart problem due to plaque observed in my RIGHT eye, the ‘good’ eye. I had been hospitalized a month ago for chest pains. Extensive testing over four days, including nuclear & echocardiogram, led to no specific diagnosis. Dr. Tang insisted I contact my primary physician and see a cardiologist forthwith. I did. Within a day I had my carotid artery ultrasound which revealed a 90% blockage on the right. I had surgery to remove the plaque blocking my artery. Doctors at Tufts said if I hadn’t had the surgery NOW I would have suffered a massive stroke within a month because the plaque was flaking off and so far had only affected the facial (hence my eye) artery. I am home recovering from the surgery but am indebted to Dr. Tang for his professionalism and expertise. Within a few days I would have been dead or crippled. I can’t begin the praise Dr. Tang high enough. ~ a happy patient | March 21, 2020

Michelle F. | June 16, 2016

“I was referred to Dr. Tang for repair of a retinal detachment. He took the time to explain everything to me, and did a thorough exam pre-op. My vision is great, and I have had no problems post-operatively (I am now almost 2 years out). He always answers all my questions at follow-up, and is clearly an expert in his field. Wait times can be high, but that is the nature of his field: he is often in the OR for emergent cases. I highly recommend him.” ~ Michelle F. | June 16, 2016

K. P. | Wayland, MA | Jul 29, 2016

“Dr. Tang is a very dedicated doctor and a skilled surgeon. Dr. Tang operated on my detached retina and I am now with perfect corrected eyesight.” ~ K. P. | Wayland, MA | Jul 29, 2016

Joan B. | Uxbridge, MA | Jul 29, 2016

“I have to say Dr. Tang is the most wonderful Specialist in detecting any possible medical issues that could save a life!! I know — he saved my life. I would and do recommend Dr. Tang to everyone with any problem regarding issues with their eyes. He is kind, patient, and professional and takes the time to answer any concerns you have. He is dedicated to providing the best care available to his patients, and his employees are amazing as well. a proud patient.” ~ Joan B. | Uxbridge, MA | Jul 29, 2016

Nance. M. | Framingham, MA | June 8, 2016

“Dr. Tang saved my husband and my vision in the same year! He in both cases made time to do what was necessary to save our sight. We are grateful to him for everything. Dr. Tang’s staff is efficient and helpful. He has a great team! Eye Doctors refer him because he is just that good!” ~ Nance. M. | Framingham, MA | June 8, 2016

Stavros S. | Medway, MA | Jun 2, 2016

“I cannot say enough about Dr. Tang. He literally saved me from going blind. I went to him with both retinas detached, a sure thing for blindness. Thanks to his care and surgeries, I have 20/20 vision today, I don’ t even wear glasses anymore He is a more than a doctor to me,he is my savior. Professional, caring, simply an amazing doctor!! ~ Stavros S. | Medway, MA | Jun 2, 2016

Lorraine M. | June 1, 2016

“Dr. Tang saved my eye! I had a retina detachment. He saw me quickly and scheduled emergency surgery and saved my eye. His “bedside manner” is not warm and fuzzy, but his attention to detail is above and beyond. he is meticulous and thorough. He will not take short cuts when someone’s eye health is at stake. He is a master craftsman at what he does. His expertise is unparalleled. I believe he is one of the most precise and careful eye surgeons in the world!” ~ Lorraine M. | June 1, 2016

Junco N. | April 28, 2016

“Dr. Tang has performed two surgeries – left and right eyes – to treat my age-related macular degeneration. The process has been a great success. I value the doctor’s expertise, care, and thoroughness immensely. I have also appreciated and benefitted from his succinct explanations of the disease and its treatment.” ~ Junco N. | April 28, 2016

Dennis M. | Bellingham, MA | Apr 6, 2016

“Dr. Tang is a miracle worker. Has been treating my husband for macular degeneration for eight years. Three years ago he had a massive hemorrhage which left him legally blind, no central vision in both eyes and only peripheral in one eye. He did additional surgery to save small amount of peripheral in one eye. That is his saving grace. It left him with about ten feet of peripheral sight in one eye. He continues to play golf and can function and get around independently. Thank you Dr. Tang.” ~ Dennis M. | Bellingham, MA | Apr 6, 2016

Lorena M. | Marlborough, MA | Apr 3, 2016

“Dr. Tang is a brilliant doctor and I would and have recommended him highly. My experience began almost a year and a half ago when I was diagnosed with a stroke in each eye affecting my retinas & reducing my vision. It was a devastating diagnosis, but Dr. Tang was extremely persistent at getting to the cause & for that I am extremely grateful.” ~ Lorena M. | Marlborough, MA | Apr 3, 2016