Lifesaver. | from Vitals | March 21, 2020

“Dr. Tang literally saved my life. I was referred to him following floaters and a flashing light occurring in my left eye following cataract surgery. Dr. Tang said that the floaters in my left eye would resolve themselves and there was no retinal tear. He then asked if I had a heart problem due to plaque observed in my RIGHT eye, the ‘good’ eye. I had been hospitalized a month ago for chest pains. Extensive testing over four days, including nuclear & echocardiogram, led to no specific diagnosis. Dr. Tang insisted I contact my primary physician and see a cardiologist forthwith. I did. Within a day I had my carotid artery ultrasound which revealed a 90% blockage on the right. I had surgery to remove the plaque blocking my artery. Doctors at Tufts said if I hadn’t had the surgery NOW I would have suffered a massive stroke within a month because the plaque was flaking off and so far had only affected the facial (hence my eye) artery. I am home recovering from the surgery but am indebted to Dr. Tang for his professionalism and expertise. Within a few days I would have been dead or crippled. I can’t begin the praise Dr. Tang high enough. ~ a happy patient | March 21, 2020