At Retina Eye Care, we are fully prepared to take care of you in-person, but sometimes it may be preferable to have a virtual appointment instead.

While an in-person examination is often necessary, there are many things that can be accomplished during a virtual visits.

  • Sometimes you want to know whether you should worry about a new symptom.
  • Sometimes you want to know what you can or cannot do.
  • Sometimes there is a medical history or a family history that causes concern.
  • Sometimes you have a question about a medication’s side effect.
  • Sometimes you need some reassurances.

To schedule a virtual appointment, please call (508) 903-0003. When it is time for your virtual visit, we will send you a text with a link to initiate the video connection. All you need to do is to say yes to a few prompts, and your virtual visit with Dr. Tang will then begin.