OCT Angiography

OCT is a modern imaging device that allows us to look at the macula with amazing details. This has allowed us to detect problems in the macula sooner and more accurately than ever before. And now added to this, there is a new technology called OCT Angiography, which allows us to detect abnormalities in the tiny blood vessels in the macula. Those tiny blood vessels, when they start to grow in an abnormal way, can lead to conditions like wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). There are nowadays very effective treatments for wet AMD to stop these blood vessels from growing further, and so detecting the early stages of these blood vessel growth is very important. In addition to AMD, there are many other retinal conditions that are detectable by OCT Angiography. In diabetes mellitus, for example, OCT Angiography can detect early microscopic changes in blood vessels before there is any other sign of diabetic retinopathy. In those cases, this detection can help reinforce the diagnosis and increase the awareness among the diabetes care-providers, since what is happening to the eye is probably happening elsewhere in the body. OCT Angiography is a new, non-invasive, modern imaging device that will allow us to provide better care to our patients than ever before.

OCT Angiograophy shows ultra-high resolution of the macular blood vessels


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